10 hottest Web design trends for 2017

Changes in web designing world are something that happens every day. New techniques and designs are born every day which give birth to modernization and experimentation. These deviations act as the driving factor behind pushing the businesses towards better future and increased revenue. It won’t be wrong to say that the environment of web is moving closer to betterment, providing clear and beneficial exposure to the audience in terms of services, products and information.

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With the consistent changing web designing world, here are 10 promising design trends for 2017:

1. Mobile First Approach

Be it any industry type, mobile first design will definitely be taken forward on global level for every website. Though the concept is not new but has a fruitful future as mobile devices are extensively used for browsing websites. Therefore, building websites that deliver content on mobiles is something to look forward to.

2. Responsive Design

Web responsive design will rise up more than ever. No matter a brand is small, medium or large, it will deploy ideas to make more & more responsive website design. It is important to know that CSS media queries are sure to offer flexibility, allowing the sites to gel in different devices.

3. Website Designing In Minimalistic Way

2017 will see minimalistic web design for every type of business site. Conventional homepage or landing page will be replaced by card. Through these cards, web designers will be able to present the ideas, topics and products of their site. This will bring more clicks and reduce the bounce rate.

4. Utilizing Rapid Prototyping Tools

Rapid use of prototyping tools is also there on the future cards of this year. For every web, UX designer and UI designer, this will be the most important tool. Prototyping tools along with other services will support designers in building low or high reliability sites’ prototypes.

5. Data Visualization

Data in conjunction with analytics will get more priority and credibility. Moreover, companies will allow their visitors to view the statistics to get better idea about the products and services they are interested in. Doing so will increase customer loyalty and act as tool that will draw their attention more. It is important to know that data when presented with information increases users’ interaction rate.

6. Material Design

This is one idea that is all set to be adopted by many business websites. This is because this strategy helps in engaging users to the websites.

7. Long Scrolling Trend in websites

This feature aims at allowing users to experience more and more websites that have long scrolling feature. Best thing about these websites is that they ensure guaranteed user attention. Besides, this feature lets users scroll for long and find new content.

8. More Authentic Pictures

Audience prefers real things over imagery things. Therefore, using real image over stock photography is going to be the new thing.

9. UI Patterns & Framework

These days, website owners’ focus on WordPress and pre designed themes to make attractive websites. Moreover, UI and UX patterns are also in use. Here, it is important to understand that using easy & simple navigation web designs is a good approach for improved user experience.

10. GIF & Animation

Application of GIF and animation is web designing has increased tremendously. It won’t be wrong to say that GIF is the latest hype of web design. Animation and GIF produce incredible results in getting users attention towards product details and work as user guide.

Benefits to enjoy from latest trends
  • Higher search engine ranking
  • Increased revenue
  • Surpassing competition
  • Direct interaction with customers

Challenges grow with time and they will certainly grow this year in terms of web designs. Hence, creating sites that are engaging, developing user friendly apps and useful services that perform smoothly on all devices is very important. Users these days are tech savvy and follow technology at every step and in everything. They have increased expectations and are design literate themselves. Due to these significant reasons, designers need to incorporate better solutions, improved patterns and emerging trends. Doing this will not only attract potential audience but also deliver amazing experiences.

These 10 trends are quite promising in web designing field. Implement them to gain audience attention along with profits in every aspect.

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