10 Website Design Rules No One Will Tell You

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Unless one knows the real worth of a website, he/she can’t make the best use of it. An undeniable need in today’s competitive business world, it is more than a place to feature and explain products and services. Seen from a viewer’s angle, it is the platform where they get to see the real things about a company- its story, its offerings, vision, goals and more.

Everyone has their own definition of beauty, but when it comes to a website, how attractive it looks and how clean it is are some factors that decide the future relationship between the prospect and the business. On that note, images, colors and presentation of the website must fall in alignment with the nature and value of the respective business.

A less than perfect website doesn’t go well with the customers and compels them to look for some other business. If you are finding yourself amid the clouds of confusion and want to know about the website design elements that make up for the success of a website, the post will provide you the needed help.

Written exclusively according to the expert opinions, this post will let you know the key principles you must keep in mind when focusing on your business website’s design.

1. Prioritize Your Audience
website design, website development

Keep your audience in your mind while stepping into the designers shoes. Don’t allow yourself being carried away by elements like information, features and navigation to a level that you completely forget the target audience. You have to cater to their needs and address their expectations. With their concerns in mind, you will do everything the right way and when we say that, we mean design as well as presentation of content.

2. Address Concerns Of Clients
website design, website development

What you are about to discover in the coming lines is probably something you haven’t heard before or given a thought to.

Business websites talk about the company rather than talking about the client. They don’t realize but knowing what is going inside the mind of clients needs to be the first thing always. Upon that, the concerns should be addressed on the homepage along with other main pages. Showing value to clients this way brings crazy engagement and better user sessions.

3. Understand Customer’s Point Of View
website design, website development

Use your eyes to look at your website from your customer’s perspective. Having said that, assist the customer towards reaching their goal and keep away from sounding as a salesperson.

4. Offer Seamless User Experience
website design, website development

Do you have ample time in your everyday life? Nope? Your audience is the same as well. What you got to do is assure a smooth user experience. Give people what they want without making them wait for long. Opt for powerful headline followed by an equally powerful call to action. Believe it or not, this is an ultimate formula for an optimized experience. Of course, don’t forget the speed factor.

5. Design & Content Are Soulmate
website design, website development

You may have not took it this way but design and content of your website are similar to a song’s music and lyrics. They do great when worked on together. There are various websites that have content, videos, multimedia, infographic and more, but everything has to be presented clearly and in an appealing way. If at any point, a viewer feels confused, he/she will exit. On the other hand, if all looks natural and organized, he/she will stay.

6. Keep It Simple
website design, website development

Web pages with too much information, forms and irrelevant images complicate the website. Your page is visited by people for some purpose and anything other than that doesn’t go well with them. On that note, keep things simple and give viewers what they need.

7. Allow Visuals To Take The Lead
website design, website development

When it comes to choose one thing between reading and watching, majority of us go for the latter. When attempting to bring traffic, focus on showing more than telling. Hence, have the right visuals rather than just long lines of text.

8. Clear & Accessible Menu Options
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One way you increase your chance of losing customers is via a sitemap menu that is either too broad or is not easy to access or is not explanatory. A piece of suggestion is looking at your analytics to find out the terms used by the people to reach your website. Another thing worth doing is finding out the most visited pages to ensure everything presented there is relevant and way easy to navigate.

9. Well-planned CTAs
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Excess of anything is bad and giving too many options on the website isn’t different. When you do so, you confuse the visitors. No doubt CTAs are vital but only when they are well-planned. But yes, not too many CTAs. Last but not the least, guide your visitors where to go next.

10. Don’t Overdo The Content
website design, website development

This point is very important to remember. Your website’s primary pages should have limited content and not lengthy paragraphs. Use clickable buttons and text links to provide additional information. This will keep your website clean and browsing it will be easy too.

Get all the essentials covered in your business website and give it the opportunity to earn your dream results.

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