5 Entertainment Industries That Must Go The AR/VR Way

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are gaining massive popularity across the globe. From education sector to industries like healthcare, traveling, logistics, sport, retail, to even media and entertainment, everyone is looking forward to these revolutionary technologies. Surprised? Check out this post to discover how entertainment sector is gearing up to reap the best of AR development and VR development.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality In Entertainment Sector

XD films as well as cinemas define the apt example of AR and VR in the vast entertainment industry. But is that all? Well, both the technologies have a lot more to offer. Want to know? Check out the niches where AI and VI can be implemented to garner unprecedented success.

1. Theater

If we look at the reports of surveys, about 66% people have possibility of attending an interactive theater program or performance as compared to the traditional shows. But why so? Because interactive performances are engaging and more entertaining. Moreover, they let audience to participate in and feel more indulged.

2. Museums and Art Galleries

Now this can’t be called an emerging trend but something that looks promising. A number of popular galleries and museums have got themselves AR/VR applications, as they are an effortless way of pulling potential audience.

No matter the purpose is conducting an interactive exhibition or creating a museum tour, these technologies are exceptionally useful for every goal.

3. Music Performances and Concerts

Though AR/VR are still in the trial stage when it comes to their role in the musical shows, the fact that they will come up as an eminent aspect of almost all the live performances can’t be underestimated. You will be surprised to know that music fans don’t mind paying extra bucks when it comes to attend VR shows and performances. Surprised? Well, that’s true and it’s all because these shows jump to the whole new level with and stay in the memories forever, thanks to the musical vibes that fill the atmosphere.

4. Amusement and Theme Parks

The extent to which these public sources of entertainment help to relax is hidden from none. When they add the touch of VR, unique and irresistible experience is a promise. How that’s possible? Through new VR rides or by embedding a VR element in the rides that are already available. Having said that, adopting these technologies is a must to stay at the forefront in the thriving competitive world.

5. Sports

Throughout our planet, sports industry has its separate charm and influence, which can be taken to unmatched heights through the incorporation of AR and VR technology. Going this way will build a strong and extensive audience base and enhance the experience of fans.

Through the execution of VR, live events can be broadcasted and in a 360-degree format, which promises splendid experience for the sports freaks. Talking about AR, it provides real-time details of the stadium to the fans, which makes them feel they are in the sports ground for real. After all, these details include weather information, background of the player, stadium information as well as speed of the ball.

The Final Words

There is no doubt that entertainment industry can make serious profits with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Other than earning the right audience, rate of engagement can be improved too. If you belong to this industry and want to get started, get in touch with us and let these futuristic inventions frame a prosperous future for you.

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