9 Sure Ways To Create Headlines That Will Urge Users To ‘CLICK’

Unless the content you write has appealing headlines, it’s quite impossible for it to catch readers attention. Doesn’t matter how much hard core efforts and time you invest in creating whitepapers, blog posts or mails, giving them a striking title is the game changer.


You may be surprised to know but as much as 33% emails are based on subject lines only. Producing rich in-depth content without giving it the right title produces nothing.

Worried about your content? Take a look at 9 wonderful tips that will help you know how to write catchy titles for your emails, posts and other write-ups.

1. Choose Simple Yet Enticing Words

You definitely want everyone to understand what exactly you are trying to say. Simple words that are known to common audience can help you with that. Though fancy words make the content sophisticated but are ignored by most of the people.

Next thing to remember is that headline acts like a sales pitch that attracts the viewers. Using attractive words that compel viewers to click the post title are your savior here. Bland and dull words must be avoided. Anything else? Refrain from negative words as well.

Instead of telling, go for selling. In other words, opt for adjectives such as amazing, awesome, best, etc.

2. Go For Keywords with High Search Volume

Every headline must contain a target keyword with high search volume. Reason here is that, it is the search volume which tells the percentage of people interested in a particular topic. This shows that there are many people who are searching for information that’s available in your articles or posts. With high traffic keywords, everything you post will generate good traffic through organic and paid search. To make things simple, you can use keyword research tools to find the most searched keywords for the content.

3. Make the Title Bold & Engaging

Another good way to boost click-through rates is by making bold or you can say, shocking statement. Headline that sounds opinionated, controversial or bold builds interest & curiosity among the people. If your title makes them wonder “What? Impossible! This can’t be true! I disagree. Let me check what’s written inside”, nothing can stop you from getting clicks. Want some example? Here they are:

blog-arrow Tips to become millionaire before hitting your 30s

blog-arrow Take 1 sip of this drink and shed weight overnight

4. Include Numbers in the Headlines

Numbers are your best companions to grab attention. When you incorporate them, readers assume that the content has relevant data written by an expert. The best ways to use digits are:

blog-arrow Use them in list-based posts: People love lists like anything as they feel the content to be useful. For expected results, put the number at the beginning.

blog-arrow Use them as a percentage to depict growth

5. Competitor Research

Always keep an eye on the titles and headlines your competitors use. If they have already written on the same topic, don’t forget to see whether or not, they are ranking good in Google. This will help in making your headlines far better. Use content curation tools to find the most popular posts about the target keyword and analyze their headlines. Remember, a pleasing headline urges people to share and reshare the content with their audience.

6. Ask Question

This is something not everyone is aware about. Questions are a great way to seek readers attention as they pique curiosity. It instills in them a feeling that unless they click the post, they can’t find the answer. Moreover, even if they know the right answer, they will read the post to validate their ideas and thoughts.

Some of the best examples are:

blog-arrow Is it possible to plan your dream wedding within your budget?

blog-arrow Are you unable to cope up with personal & professional life?

7. Create Sense of Urgency 

Who wants to miss out great deals and offers? Nobody. This is what you can use to your advantage when crafting the headlines. Make the headline time-sensitive by creating a sense or urgency. Want to know how? Take a look at the below given examples:

blog-arrow 5 tips to reduce your website’s bounce rate

blog-arrow Are you ready to avail today’s best deal?

Following this tactic works exceptionally well in ads. Use words like hurry up, few minutes left,last day, etc. in your ad copy.

8. Create a Sense of Intrigue

Reveal just a little bit of what’s inside the post without revealing the main thing. You won’t believe but this works like wonder. For instance, you can write about a popular celebrity’s latest life event without disclosing their name and the main details about the story. Similarly, you can write about a latest technology and a line or two about its advantage without mentioning the technology’s name and necessary details.

9. Write Multiple Headlines and Finalize the Best 

Make a list of all the headlines you have in your mind. Try to mix and match them to create new headlines. Share the best ones with your team & friends and ask for their opinions. Finally, go for the most voted headline.


No matter how much time you spend on writing the content, make it a rule to invest 50% of your time in creating catchy headlines. Following these tips will help you write catchy title that will increase click-throughs, expand the post blog and drive more visitors to your website.

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