9 Tips To Create T-shirt Design That Speaks Your Mind

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If you belong to the cadre of graphic designers or illustrator or typographer, the idea of putting your design onto some t-shirt must intrigue you.

Of course, we all love t-shirts. They are evergreen and will always find place in our closet, not even in small numbers. It is seen that people do not part their ways from their favorite tees even when they are at the verge of tearing apart. Individuals make excuses to wear old t-shirts they are carrying for years. You may be able to relate to situation where color fades, and stains appear but your love for t-shirt design stops you from retiring the apparel once for all. You stretch as much as you can.

Taking inspirations from the famous Bob Marley tee and that keep calm one, we have covered the best of practical suggestions you need to incorporate in creating designs of t-shirts. These would be the t-shirts people would like to wear for years.

Let us further explain our point by discussing some illustrations of invisible UX optimizations. The best part remains the fact that users never think about them.

Ways To Start With T-shirt Designing Or Upgrading Your Skills

With an increase in the demand of personalized t-shirts in recent years, demand for talented designers too has increased. Marketers have realized the great potential of tees in advertising and it can be effectively done with custom T-shirts. Doing it for the first time or willingness to do it better this time can be the reason you want to walk through with us the tips discussed below:

1. Decide the underlying motive (specific need)

t-shirt design online, custom tshirt design

Now, businesses may vary distinctively in their objectives for having printed t-shirts for their employees. A clear understanding of these reasons behind getting a printed tee and sharing it with designers is paramount of a successful project.

● Convey brand values- With persuasive logos and designs it is possible for a brand to communicate its values to the target audience. A design that goes in sync with brand’s products and services is every bit worth getting printed on t-shirts.

● Material of promotion- As mentioned earlier, custom t-shirts make excellent advertising tools when designed properly. The design proposed should be good enough to attract the attention and create an influential corporate image.

● Exhibiting teamwork- When it comes to inculcating team spirit in people hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds and working with a company, printed t-shirts can very well serve the purpose. Feelings such as sense of belongingness, teamwork and commitment naturally flow among individuals.

● Hard-to-forget impressions- If you want to stay for long in mind of clients and customers both it is important that you carry your logo design on the tees. Onlookers would not only get attracted towards the person carrying such clothes but also they would take away the brand in their mind.

2. Know your prospects

 t-shirt design online, custom tshirt design

Once printing objectives are made clear to the designers, the next important thing is to ascertain the target audience . Unless you know the age group of the prospects, their hobbies and interests, kind of social media platform they use and if their interest in buying your products or services, it is not possible to reach out to them even with the most creative design on your t-shirt.

You cannot afford to target an adult with the same tee that has a huge appeal among teenagers. For making great impact with this modern-day promotion tool you need to create a design according to the taste of the target audience.

3. Decide a budget, quantity and timeline

 t-shirt design online, custom tshirt design

After you are done with the objective and target audience, it is turn for some more important things to be decided upon such as budget, quantity and timeline.

Obviously, with an increase in the budget, designers get more space to experiment and produce better results. There are number of things that can add detailing to your design. A company may not be interested to further extend its budget because of financial constraints and/or number of copies to be printed after finalization of design.

Choice of printing method should be indifferent to the quality desired for. Quality always should enjoy an upper-hand over quantity, as for promotional t-shirts you would always want them to be worn by people for long. Moreover, it is best to decide the project delivery so that the purpose can be served. A campaign may succeed or fail owing to the design printed on the t-shirts people are displaying.

4. Decide the best placement on cloth

 t-shirt design online, custom tshirt design

The ball is in your court or not is much decided by the place on the t-shirt where design is placed. Different people may choose from popular options like at the center or top left or as a wraparound image according to their preferences. But if it is about a business, they generally go for the center position.

Sometimes, back side of t-shirts is used for displaying the logo design or slogan of a business. You can choose it as per the instructions given to you but it is best to avoid placing the design or text somewhere on the cloth that gets hidden when it is worn.

5. Go for right typography

t-shirt design online, custom tshirt design

Firing up the design is possible with the clever use of typography. Do ask yourself questions pertaining to font styles and size. If you really want to make prospects read your copy, you need to either go to the font style in trend or make it appear in the traditional fonts.

6. Learn about available printing options

 t-shirt design online, custom tshirt design

Fine printing only validates a good design on your t-shirt. Choice will be yours and you are free to conduct R&D at your level. But the most popular choices consist of:

● Direct to garment- suitable for complex design prints. Often preferred for its soft touch and cleanliness executed.

● Heat press printing- ideal for custom t-shirts in small numbers. Affordable method with compatibility for complex designs but does not go with darker fabrics.

● Screen printing- great option for premium t-shirt designs. Provides impressive and outstanding look to your garment. Only constraint is that it does not go well with multiple-color designs.

● Dye sublimation- finest option for polyester cream fabric and adds to the durability of fabric. Intolerance towards cotton fabric. A little expensive but gives you desired results.

7. Select type of t-shirt

 t-shirt design online, custom tshirt design

You have created the best design but it should also go with the kind of tee you are getting it printed on. From round neck, V-neck, polo neck to half sleeves, full sleeves to hoodies, you have multiple options open before you.

8. Choose good fabric

 t-shirt design online, custom tshirt design

Choose one more suitable kind of t-shirt you want to get your design printed on. As important is quality of canvas, it is always important to pick a comfortable and best suited fabric according to the weather conditions. Bad quality material can cause failure of the whole advertising campaign.

9. Pick the right size

 t-shirt design online, custom tshirt design

Having proportionate size of design and cloth is integral to creating a good t-shirt. Over sized designs may appear odd on a small t-shirt and the smaller designs may get lost on some big piece of cloth.

A Pleasurable Tee Time

The ultimate design created by the designer should be something he is proud of, the person wearing it enjoys a good time, message is conveyed to the audience and the marketer finds success in achieving the goals of advertising campaign. Are you planning one for your company? Feel free to ask for expert assistance by calling.

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