Importance of Color Theory in Web Design

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One of the most important aspects of any website is color. Don’t believe me? Let’s go down an individual rabbit role putting on the party glasses for the first time and let’s not smile from ear to ear. Your brand can have a lot of potency with placing a color in the most intelligent way. Let’s discuss it a little more in detail.

Giving Color Theory A Meaning

In simple words, color theory is how it affects the mind. Furthermore, it decides how a website should look and how a user will navigate it. Let’s discover some of the fundamental colors, with their meaning and brands linked with that specific color, for instance.

  • Red: excitement, energy, passion and love
    • Coca Cola
  • Orange: happy, warmth, enthusiasm, friendliness
    • Nickelodeon, Amazon, Mozilla
  • Yellow: happy, young, optimism, attention
    • McDonalds, Best Buy, Sprint
  • Green: fresh, relaxed, natural, trustful, growth, and health
    • Whole Foods, John Deer, Starbucks
  • Blue: peaceful, calm, secure, dependable, and wise
    • Twitter, Lowes, JP Morgan, American Express
  • Violet: creativity, imagination, power, and luxury
    • Yahoo, Hallmark, Cadbury
  • Pink: sweet, playful, compassionate, soft, and intuitive
    • Barbie, Victoria’s Secret, Cosmopolitan
  • Black: bold, serious, elegant, mysterious, and dramatic
    • Gucci, Chanel, Nike
  • Grey: respect, patience, wisdom, and balance
    • Apple, Mercedes Benz, Wikipedia

Choices of color should have the potential to emit a range of emotions about the brand, based on the strategy of the website. It is a powerful thing.

Importance of Color Theory For A Website
website design, website development

Would it come as a surprise if we said yes, it is important for a website? Not really right? Let’s just talk about and see how essential it is for a website.

Proper Use of Color On The Website
  • Branding is a big deal when it comes to growing your business. The colors linked with the brand are essential as your audience identifies you through it
  • The color green could have you wanting a cup of java or ice-cold brew
  • User navigates the sales funnel
  • With the right color, the audience will organically be nudged along

The mission of the brand is expressed with the right color as it speaks to the target audience. It functions as a vessel to guide your users along the buyer’s journey. Color theory is essential for website design.

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