Intuitive Website Design: What Does It Mean?

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Do you struggle to understand the real meaning of intuitive website design? Are you done with its hype and want to know it closely? Well, this post is just for you. But before you get into it, one thing you must know is that understanding this way of website designing will help you channelize your efforts and energy in a fruitful way.

Let’s first take a look at the attributes associated with intuitive websites:

  • These websites can be navigated easily: True that! With these sites, a user can never feel lost for he/she knows where to visit, how to visit and what action to take.

  • These websites speak everything: Be it the headers or links, they can be easily found. Having said that, visitors know what actually they need, when it is needed and sometimes even before it is needed.

  • These websites work fast: Loading troubles are a thing of the past with intuitive websites. Everything works as smooth as velvet.

  • These websites have a strong persona: Identifying the purpose of the website and what is it for is way easy with such sites. As everything is clear and easy to understand, there’s nothing like a secret.

Here’s How To Make Intuitive Websites

website design, create a website

With a few simple yet crucial things in mind, creating such websites is as easy as counting numbers. For your ease, these ‘can’t-be-ignored’ things are explained below:

1. Know Who You Are Targeting

First things first, once you know your target audience, you can breathe a sigh of relief about developing the perfect intuitive website. Talking about this audience, don’t shy away from knowing it as closely as you can. On that note, keep into account the gender, age group, profession, location, likes, dislikes, family, home and everything of your audience. Needless to say, the better you know it, the better results you can expect.

Upon creating the target user’s profile, a web design according to their profile can be made. How does it help? When that user visits the website, they feel valued and connected.

2. Have Faith In Simple Navigation

Overly creative navigation is of no good. Apart from a meaningful navigation system, other thing that’s a must is jargon used by the target audience. There’s no denying being unique and innovative is the way to look exceptional but nothing can beat simplicity. Talking about the icons, they too should be sensible.

3. Keep Optimum Website Speed

Be it desktop or mobile device, your website should open within seconds. Even a minor delay can cost you potential audience, as it won’t take time to figure out how worthy you are. The moment it will feel disappointed, it will shut you down and open your rival’s website.

A piece of suggestion is keeping away every video and image that takes time to load. After all, no design or attractive element is above the prospective customers.

4. Create Convincing Content

SEO is important but the fact in no way means creating boring content. You must know that creative and professional content with all the essentials incorporated into it works better than content that is overloaded with keywords oriented text.

5. Don’t Forget Feedback

Feedback is important to know whether the website is intuitive. Ask others to explore your site and share their experience without being biased. Certain points may be hard to digest but honesty of your audience is worthy in every way. Upon knowing what it has to say, take no time in making the needed changes or implementing the final touches. Want to know the best part here? Doing this will make you proud when you will check the analytics.

Hopefully, you are now well updated with the concept of intuitive web design. Want to know more? Get in touch with our experts and widen your knowledge as much as you want.

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