Mobile App: Improve Your Brand Loyalty By Identifying Customers’ Pain Points

Mobile App Development, UX Design

In today’s digital world, use of mobile phones has been increasing with each passing day. Millions of people are now using their mobile phones for different purposes in every part of the globe. This offers businesses the opportunity to reach their potential customers easily and in no time.

App, the innovative feature, power ups what a user can do with the mobile phone. Mobile applications allow businesses to connect with potential customers 24/7 in a standard manner. These apps are extremely adaptable advertising mediums that businesses can modify and update according to their requirements. The best thing is that businesses can easily promote their products and services through apps with no extra cost. This can be done by simply adding a special deal page on the business application.

It not only improves customer base, but also motivates customers to check the app on a regular basis making business advertising more effective.

Mobile User Experience Design

Mobile App Development, UX Design

However, it is essential to understand that an app cannot work in a way a business wants until it has a perfect mobile user experience (UX) design. Today it has become highly significant to focus on UX design for mobile applications. Just by developing an app and expecting it to work properly on mobile is not right and it will most likely not work so effectively. It is vital to understand the actual needs of the target customers to create the best mobile user experience design.

Make sure you understand your customers needs, preferences, likes, dislikes and and shopping behavior before you design you business app in order to provide the best mobile user experience design.

Understanding what your target customers want from your app is an imperative part of planning and developing process. However, all other factors like designing, coding, speed, and performance are equally crucial.

Significance Of App User Segmentation

Mobile App Development, UX Design

App user segmentation strategy should be planned skillfully by considering numerous essential factors. User segments should not only be based on basic attributes like customers needs, preferences, location etc. but also on special attributes like current market demand, price, budget and more.

All these information will give you a clear understanding about what your customers are expecting from the product you are offering.

App user segmentation also acts as a effective marketing strategy because it helps marketers to understand and minimize customers’ pain points effectively. The process also aid marketers to collect the information they need to improve brand awareness and reputation.

Value Of User Research To Understand Target Customers

Mobile App Development, UX Design

This app user segment information help businesses to understand appropriate target customers needs easily.

No matter it is about buying any product or availing any service, whenever users face any issue, they go online and search for the information. Their bad experiences and needs motivate them to go online and find a solution. By focusing on users search behavior and pain points, a business can understand its customers needs and market demand of products very easily. Otherwise, lots of precious time and money will go waste on product that has no demand in the market.

All these researches and strategies, if done properly disclose different pain points, market demand, and customers behavior of a targeted customer group. The outcomes work as key elements that ultimately put a light on key question like whether a product or service will attract customers or not.

There are a few tips mentioned that will help you develop the best mobile app for your business.

Expert Suggestions

Mobile App Development, UX Design

A business owner should always take assistance from business analysts and experts before designing the mobile app. These experts have great potential to understand their target customers needs and present market condition. They help businesses to understand what will work and what will not work for their business.

Examine Existing apps

Mobile App Development, UX Design

Try to review apps that are similar to your business. Go through reviews, testimonials, forums and other related information. This will help you to understand the issues that customers usually experience while using app. Analyzing and understand where your competitors are lacking will give an opportunity to take the advantage by designing better app.

Use Research Results

According to the recent Google search report, it has been proved that a bad mobile experience discourages users to continue running an app. There is a high chance that a user will stick to other company’s app if he faces bad mobile experience. A business should research target users’ attributes before designing the mobile app. This will ensure that a designed app is error-free and better than other similar apps.

Innovative User Research Methods

Mobile App Development, UX Design

A business can implement different research methods like customers’ behavior analysis, qualitative research method, customers feedback, and others.

Qualitative Research

Mobile App Development, UX Design

Qualitative Research is based on queries like how customers use the mobile application. The study requires marketers to observe customer interactions with the app in order to get an idea about customers’ behavior and difficulties they face while using an app.

Qualitative research is based on three methodologies

  • Questionnaires Surveys
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis

Questionnaires Surveys

Questionnaires surveys are the most common and effective ways of collecting required information from potential customers. The surveys help businesses to get good idea about what their target customers actually want and expect from their product. The survey also help businesses to understand the areas where app needs improvements or changes.

This research method is affordable and provides more accurate results. The best thing is that the survey gives answers of queries like why customers are switching to competitor’s app.

Behavioral Analysis Research

Analyzing user traffic patterns is highly crucial to understand customers’ expectations and design user-friendly mobile app. Behavioral analysis is the best method to do that. The analysis report gives the clear picture about how customers interact with the app and what changes they want in it.

Competitive Analysis Report

Competitive analysis is very essential to survive in today’s highly competitive business era. Identifying strengths and weaknesses of competitors’ companies is the key purpose of this research. This research helps business owners to understand why customers are using competitors’ apps.

If conducted properly and smartly, these research methodologies help businesses to design the best user-friendly mobile apps. However, accurate results from these research methodologies can be expected only when they are verified and error-free.

Possible user research mistakes that should be avoided are:-

Incomplete and inaccurate user research

Mobile App Development, UX Design

Sometimes restrictions like time, budget, lack of knowledge and resources prohibit marketers to conduct surveys properly and appropriately. Due to these inaccurate and incomplete surveys, analysis reports create lots of confusion that makes it complicated for businesses to take the right decision.

Businesses should clearly define what they exactly want from the user research results. This will help researchers to plan and execute the analysis activities in a more accurate manner.

Too much reliability

The key objective of user research analysis activities is to understand users needs, expectations, and behavior. Although the best way to conduct this research is by observing and interacting with customers via app, in the real environment, many researchers use experiential analysis methodology to accomplish the task.

Even when done in real environment, it is difficult to explain and understand actual problem for both customers and researchers. Thus, it makes no sense to rely on these analysis report fully.

Involvement of lots of customers

There is no doubt that the involvement of different user groups is significant to make a survey successful. However, at the same time, it is significant to understand that the involvement of large number of customers can create confusions, misunderstandings and errors which definitely affects the purpose of a survey in a very bad way.

The involvement of large number of customers may also make participants feel uncomfortable. Thus, focus should be on specific group of people while conducting user research analysis reports as it will certainly give more accurate results. Moreover, physical sessions should be replaced with remote sessions. Remote sessions will increase customers interest, make them feel comfortable and at the same time, help to conduct surveys with utmost comfort.

Ways to implement findings

Mobile App Development, UX Design

In most cases, qualitative and quantitative research usually generates different analysis reports. But both are reliable and essential to accomplish the mobile app development process successfully. Both reports give information that are imperative to develop an app according to the target customers. However, it is essential to verify the analysis reports before using them for developing mobile products.

It is always beneficial to start the next phase of user research by introducing application prototype to the actual customers. This phase can be added to software testing phase or trial phase.

This helps developers to implement excellent development strategy that is usually error-free and feature-rich. This is a smart strategy to disclose customers behaviors and other aspects and all the information will work as a weapon to beat the tight market competition.

Following tips can be implemented to get right information from the customers:-

User profile: User profile is the best way to identify pain points of the customers and validate that information for future needs. The personas define users needs, desires, behavior and all other essential information.

Mapping customers journey: Tracking customers journey is vital to get idea about changing behavior of target customers. Customers journey map describes their perspective that adds businesses to understand how customers are integrating with the app and where they want improvement or changes. Customer journey is the smart way to find out how customers perceive the brand. This information helps in defining the best user-centric strategy that drives customers loyalty and improve loyal brand followers.

Using a Mascots Character

Both these tips are very helpful to understand what things a business needs to consider while designing its mobile app.

So if you want to improve your royal brand’s followers, then design your mobile app with the best .

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