Studies Suggest A Bad Website Can Be Harmful To Your Business

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In the current age of digitalization and modernization, businesses take advent with the launch of website. Presence of a website is indispensable for growth and expansion of your business. But did you know that unimpressive or bad web design can prove to be detrimental for your business? Various researches and studies conducted on the significance of having great website design have reached to some meaningful inferences.

There are many instances in the business landscape when businesses are sent some prospective clients by their existing customers or someone else. These hot leads do not end up in a sale or something positive, but vanish in air. When dug deep, a bad website is found to be the underlying reason.

Most useful and relevant research findings have been streamlined in this blog for perusal of small and big business owners. Each one of these comes from trusted sources and has been presented in the form of summary for easy understanding. Let us have a glance on them one after other:

1. Make Your Site Reliable & Increase Sales

website design, website design company
  • Your contact details like address and phone number need to be highlighted for easy spotting by visitors.
  • Don’t trust an amateur designer for your business website. Let professionals handle majesty of your business.
  • There is nothing better than rendering a great user experience as someone visits your website. Display your content in the most organized way and route them to CTAs. Remove what all is not contributing to the value of your business and is not informative.
  • Augment only real testimonials, if possible add pictures too.
  • Ensure the website publishes relevant and up to date content for better customer engagement.
  • Introduce your people on the website to the prospective clients. It helps build trust of visitors in your business. Inculcate their journeys in your company and let people know you better.
  • Refrain from displaying content with typos and errors. It is strictly unprofessional.

2. Design Flaws That Drop Conversion

website design, website design company
  • 75% of customers concur that website of a business helps them decide about a business’s trustworthiness.
  • Website with a poor loading speed is a big turn off for majority of visitors. A website is generally expected by consumers to load in 2 seconds or even less. 79% of online buyers don’t make purchases from sites that are slow.
  • Adaptiveness and responsiveness to various interfaces is a must-have for a good website. Number of users accessing site through their hand-held devices has become bigger than the number of people who primarily use desktop.
  • Get immediately rid of website clutter. Exceeding number of flash animations, auto-play videos, background music, etc. are nothing but distractions.
  • Conversion is hindered largely by poor site navigation. Confusions and frustration of prospects never work in favor of a business.
  • Hitches and hesitations have no place in call-to-action. CTAs must be clear and loud enough to be easily understood by the visitors. There is no harm in being too obvious; however, your push should be subtle.

3. Design Flaws That Pull Customers Back

website design, website design company
  • Be quick in explaining them the deal. Instead of long stories such as never ending list of features and benefits, introduce them to things they are most interested in. For example, ask them, “Can we help you?”
  • Inculcation of integrity elements such as recent customer testimonials, reputed certifications and BBB accreditation make it possible for customers to take your business seriously.
  • Have a mobile-friendly website so that you don’t miss out on the larger chunk of consumers. Not only youth but people of all age group access internet from their mobile devices in comparison to desktops and laptops.
  • Invest efforts in good navigation as it will help your customers feel good and positive about your business throughout the time they are on your site.
  • Instead of telling your audience that you are the best in industry, explain your USPs and offerings that make you stand out of competition. Details and explanation is what will help people to believe you. By saying you are best you will not be considered best. Give them reasons to believe that you are different and better than many others.
  • Don’t be regular at using stock imagery but make it a habit to use your own custom images. This will help you win the trust of visitors as having superior quality images make them believe that you are in real and are not masking your face like many others.
  • You already know it is important to have mobile-friendly site for providing better customer response, but it also favors SEO of your website. As per Google’s open announcement in April 2015, web pages that are mobile friendly are given preference in the search listing over those that are not.

Once printing objectives are made clear to the designers, the next important thing is to ascertain the target audience . Unless you know the age group of the prospects, their hobbies and interests, kind of social media platform they use and if their interest in buying your products or services, it is not possible to reach out to them even with the most creative design on your t-shirt.

You cannot afford to target an adult with the same tee that has a huge appeal among teenagers. For making great impact with this modern-day promotion tool you need to create a design according to the taste of the target audience.

4. Understand Expectations Of Consumers From Local Businesses

website design, website design company
  • 4 elements a good website can never skip on, include i) company credentials like about us, products, services, people who work with you, ii) distance iii) complete address and contact details iv) customer testimonials
  • 4 limitations local businesses need to get rid of, include i) copied and old content ii) no contact details iii) prices not given iv) business not in close proximity.
  • Mostly all consumers irrespective of their age prefer to contact local businesses over phone after visiting their website. Make sure you are available.

Bottom Line

It is not challenging to have a consistent flow of traffic to your website if you pursue the path shown by aforementioned industry experts. All you are left to do is finding a great web designing team that can press the accelerator button of your ride to success.

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