Top 5 Pages On Your Website That You Should Focus On

website design, home page design

Considering the fact that a website is your face on the internet, you should always try to make it the best you can. It is your point of contact with millions of prospective customers, therefore it should have all the necessary components that a customer might need to see. Starting with a captivating home page and an informative blog area, it should have aptly placed about me and contact pages too. Search pages (for few specific websites) and service/product pages are also an important part of a performing website. In this post, we will discuss the top 5 important pages that your website must have. Of course, all the pages on your website need to be awesome, but there are these 5 which need to be paid exclusive attention for one simple reason; they are the most visited pages on any website.

The top 5 most important pages on your website:

1. The homepage:

website design, home page design

Well, this is the most crucial page of a website. It is usually the page that is displayed when someone clicks your standard URL like It is the first impression that a user gets of your business. This page sets the stage and usually contains navigation links to different parts of your website. It shows your business logo, your tagline and sets the lure to the insides of your website. The homepage also contains a link to allow customers to contact you. It is a brief about your business, your brand and states how the website can help the visitors. A homepage needs clarity and minimalism. It should not be cluttered as that will put off the visitor. A neat, informative and easy to navigate homepage puts the visitor at ease. Be wary that you don’t want to bombard the visitor with all the information right on the first page.

A homepage should have call to action links and buttons like, ‘sign up’, ‘get a free quote’ or ‘visit our service/product page’ to guide the customer. It should also have a login/signup box and a prominently placed sear button (if needed).

Homepage or landing page: What’s the difference?

There is a whole lot of confusion between a home page and a landing page. Are they one and the same? Definitely not. They are two separate entities, one major difference being in the way they are designed. While a homepage is like an introduction/opening page to your website a landing page is specially designed to generate traffic and accomplish specific goals like making them sign-up for a newsletter or subscribe to your podcast etc. A landing page highlights a strong ‘call to action’ while downsizing the navigation features and links to other parts of the website. These are specifically designed from a marketing perspective and they could be temporary and dynamic. If digital marketing is your prime focus, then landing page is a good option to attract visitors.

2. Blog page (content):

website design, home page design

The blog page is your content repository. It is where readers can get information about the different things you do and everything related to your business; the trend, latest technology and other relevant information. Blog pages are designed as part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy but do not consider them any less as a component of your website. They are the information bearers and that’s what holds the visitor hooked on to your website. A blog page should be easy to navigate with blogs categorized topic wise. Information without order becomes chaos so keep it neat and organized. A regularly updated blog page with ample visual elements will get your site traffic faster than anything else.

3. Products/services page:

website design, home page design

This is a crucial page when it comes to business websites. A location on your website where you list all your products and services with short descriptions. These pages have a great value when it comes to informing clients about what your business can do for them. It should be neatly categorized with ample information about each service or product. Tell them why they need a particular service and how it will help their business. If you are running an ecommerce business you need to display your products with a detailed description of each of them on this page. Remember, they all should be placed under categories to make it easier to find a particular product. A product/ service page is where you get the real business and hook in the big sharks that will establish you as a good business in your domain. Make sure to keep your language simple and do not use a lot of jargons or technical terms.

4. About us page:

website design, home page design

Finally, a section that talks about your business in a rather personal tone. Home page might give the people a glimpse about your business but it is the ‘about us’ page that lets you tell your story in detail. It is an important page from the ‘brand’ perspective of things. You can establish the vision, goals and talk about your team and work culture here. This page helps build a relationship and an understanding with the clients. The about us page is a key element to build brand credibility and position yourself in the consumer’s heart. You can include testimonials, references to your finished projects, your awards and recognitions etc. on this page.

5. Contact us Page:

website design, home page design

The reason we have included this page in the end of the ‘top 5 pages you need on your website’ list is that it comes after all these pages. It is actually a ‘call to action’ page that prompts users to contact you via an email, call or chat. This page must include call to action text and graphics that motivate users to connect with your business. A contact us page is the prime location on your website that begins the transaction of business between you and the client.

Apart from the above 5 important pages, there are a few other pages that must be reflected upon in this post. Search pages are important if you’re dealing with ecommerce websites, an FAQ or support center page lets users find answers to different common questions related to your business services. All these pages capture the visitors enticing them to explore your website. Reiterating that all pages are important on your website, but the above 5 that we discussed need special attention since they are the most visited ones.

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