Top 7 Trends in Software Development Services

software development, website development

With the advent of 2020, we have witnessed scores of technologies storm the world. Disruptive techniques have been continually dotting the digital landscape from a couple of years and they are here to stay. Be it business, manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment or any other field, practices like AI, IoT, deep learning, etc. they have proved their potential in a short time period.

Software development services have evolved seeing better opportunities at integration and development of fantastic features. A software is not just an application that performs a handful of tasks. The latest software are equipped with artificial intelligence which allows them to learn and constantly get better. Latest technologies have disrupted the usual and propelled everything by leaps and bounds into the future which boasts of intelligent systems that will dominate our environment.

software development, website development

Let’s find out what is in store and what are the top trends in the field of software development tools and services. You might already have heard about some of these.

Top 10 M-commerce Trends:

1. Artificial Intelligence: AI ability coupled with deep learning and Machine Learning (ML) has worked wonders in terms of development as it helps to improve decision making process by foresight and predictive approach towards scenarios. AI helps in quality control and avoid such risks, creating a truly client oriented service.

Internet of Things: IoT imparts capability of communication among physical devices over the internet. The number of connected devices is 20.4 billion currently. IoT industry is projected to cross $2 trillion mark by the end of 2020.

3. Blockchain: It is a chain of blocks that store encrypted data which is stored across several computer systems instead of one single machine or a centralized server. Blockchain technology was originally the precursor to cryptocurrency exchanges but now it has found use in several other domains since it offers data safety and transparency.

4. Low Code Deployment: Nobody writes codes anymore, visual interfaces are used to build apps without writing a single line of code. Pre-built components/modules will be used to build most parts of a software in the coming future. Low code development process facilitates faster deployment with the least amount of risks.

5. Progressive Web Apps: Progressive web apps work within the browser itself and do not need a separate application. They are small sized and easy to access. PWAs are the future of software development as they take less time & resources and can be developed at a low cost.

6. Mixed Reality: Future tech like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) etc. are already here and they are being extensively used in software development. Immersive features allow software to go a level deeper in imitating real world scenarios.

7. 5G Networking: A fast network speed enables developers to introduce heavy features like immersive tech. 5G stands for a robust network with high speed internet which opens doors for experimentation in areas where high internet speed is a must.

As and when new technologies keep emerging, software development and everything related to IT will shift its course, trying to align with the best and most beneficial combo of the latest trends. The goal is to always get the maximum output while increasing efficiency without compromising on quality. If any technology serves this purpose and adds some new value to the already existing frameworks, it will trend.

Keep watching this space for more discussions on groundbreaking technologies and much more. Write to us if you want to read about any particular topic. Have a great day, cheers!

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