Top 8 SEO Plugins For Optimizing Your Website In 2019

New Year brings new hopes and new opportunities. In light of optimizing your website or WordPress blog, 2019 is no exception to it. All you need to do is, deploy any one or more of the top 8 SEO plugins for websites elaborated in this post. These handpicked and expert recommended SEO tips and tricks cannot only get you better web traffic and content but they also widen your reach.

SEO plugins for websites

Innovative search engine tactics make it feasible for you and other business owners to be easily found over internet. To lead your rivals, you need to get acquainted with the best website plugins. So, it is completely worthy to spend time in having a thorough read of each one of the given below tools. These include the free ones and the premium plugins too.

1. Yoast SEO

SEO plugins for websites

This list cannot start with anything other than Yoast SEO. In world of websites, people usually picture plugins as Yoast. However, they are not limited to it only and extend up to many more innovative search engine tools. There are over 7 million websites that bank upon this tool. Business owners choose between free and premium options offered, depending on their needs.

Yoast SEO is considered useful plugin for both improving your visibility and catering technical requirements. SEO by Yoast takes care of everything from optimizing your text for Google and other search engines to implementing meta description and making suggestions for internal linking. What makes it more popular is the fact that its free version is more than sufficient to improve your content and more. The premium option focuses on all these and additionally provides more technical features like checking on duplicity of content. With premium version, you have better control over things like breadcrumbs. Both the versions make it a powerful tool that manages WordPress keywords plugins.

2. The SEO Framework

SEO plugins for websites

Another very important and near to perfect plugin comes free. The SEO framework proves really helpful in optimizing content for search engines. It automatically generates titles, descriptions, opens graph tags, images, and creates canonical URL to name some of the important features.

Both novice and professionals can swear by it for bang on optimization solutions for search engines. This does not however, free you from giving it a personalized touch to make things appear human and readily acceptable. Best part is yet to come; it is devoid of any advertisements which usually irritate bulk of users.

3. Premium SEO Pack

SEO plugins for websites

Premium SEO pack garners ultimate perks to its users including adding SEO worth of their website and patterns for both post and custom post types. Giving different and unique touch to every single page is possible with this amazing plugin. This tool is highly compatible with WooCommerce and WordPress multisite plugins.

No other plugin gives you better control of what you do than Premium SEO pack. It proffers SEO patterns for every single post type. Setting title, description, keywords and canonical tag appears easy for it. Noindex and Nofollow option for each post set the tool apart from the rest.

4. All In One SEO Pack

SEO plugins for websites

Another hot favorite plugin for both novice and advanced users that is available in both free and premium options. While beginners can easily perform their day-to-day SEO tasks on their blogs and sites with ease, advanced users, as they get used to the functionalities and features, make use of powerful features like XML Sitemaps, Social Meta, Google AMP support and more.

Over 45 million downloads tell the success story of this great SEO plugin. Its free version allows integration of this tool with e-commerce sites, including WooCommerce. The crux is that it offers you everything which is needed to improve site’s visibility while taking care of search ranking positioning.

5. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

SEO plugins for websites

Linking to external sites is not uncommon, it has its own implications but still the practice asks you to give away your authority to particular site. You can avoid doing this by simply using Nofollow attribute to that link. This plugin adds a checkbox in the insert link popup of your WordPress post editor. Next time you don’t want to Nofollow any link, keep it short and simple with checking in the box.

Feature rich plugin has gained popularity with 10,000 plus activations because of its hassle free setup. This tool is not only SEO friendly but also is easy to use. Last but not the least attribute that makes it really cool is it does not require any configuration.

6. SEO Squirrly

SEO plugins for websites

Those who do not have hands-on experience of handling SEO all their lives can blindly trust SEO Squirrly. It helps to create high-quality content which is both SEO and user-friendly. Cherry on the cake is that the very useful plugin comes absolutely free. Stop not from creating engaging content for your users and simultaneously push up your website ranking on search engines.

What more? It keeps a track of your content marketing strategy and you can share these reports with your content and SEO team for better shows. It stands out from the counterparts in one major aspect which is the presence of keyword research tool within the WordPress editor. On one hand it is available as a standalone plugin and on the other this keyword research tool goes very well with all other SEO plugins.

7. Redirection

SEO plugins for websites

No wonder non-SEO experts and the advanced users gush over this spectacular WordPress plugin. It becomes all the way more important if you are not using Yoast plugin for managing all the 301 redirections. At the same time, it also keeps a track of 404 errors. Those who are planning migration from old to new website find it ultimate as it unburdens them while altering WordPress installation directory.

This plugin is a staple for combating the effects of messy and error links. Even if you are not using Yoast plugin, you can very well save your rankings from getting affected.

8. Broken Link Checker

SEO plugins for websites

Discontinuities are not appreciated for a seamless user experience. The broken links leave negative impression and provide you a negative UI as they stand for lazy and unprofessional behavior. With this brilliant search engine tool, it gets really easy to locate, fix and refute any broken or bad links. The best thing about using this plugin is it can do it all without even having to touch your content. These days most of the websites have content in abundance in the form of blogs. This hero of SEO plugins manages broken backlinks without creating any hustle and bustle for the site owner.

Broken Link Checker will inspect and detect your site for any broken or bad links and you can fix them too with its help. This great tool is good at detecting the links that are not working as per expectations and also prevents search engine from following a broken link.

The Bottom Line

Every single WordPress website design pluginWordPress website design plugin aforementioned completely qualifies for adding to your power and preparedness for enhancing your website’s visibility and earning better search engine ranks.

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