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software development, custom software services

Today’s technology is evolving rapidly as the competition among businesses is growing to cut-throat levels. With new world tech like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) finally gaining momentum and practical applicability in real time processes, the need to stay updated with the market trends has become a necessity. A continuous improvement in software tech and integration of several novel technologies has opened new avenues that offer unprecedented levels of collaboration and performance. The current software trends are brutally progressive, leaving no room for outdated practices as these trending techniques offer everyone so much more. Here are some groundbreaking techniques which are gaining momentum.

software development, custom software services

Artificial Intelligence: Without a doubt, AI has advanced phenomenally since its inception in improving an organization’s adaptability and agility with AI driven tech like deep Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). AI today handles most of the operations through complex algorithms which extract insights from big chunks of structured or unstructured data. At its core, AI has empowered both traditional as well as citizen developers. AI infuses integration across several departments of an organization.

Internet of Things: IoT is a smart technology that bridges digital devices and physical equipment. AI and IoT together facilitate real time sync-data and real-time data analysis along with integration services and data management. IoT is an integration of software, hardware and systems, and is going to get a major boost in the coming years.

Listening to your ideas shows how understanding your hired designers are but accepting everything you say without exchanging ideas from their own end isn’t worth applauding. Saying ‘Yes’ to everything and creating a replica of it will do nothing more than wasting your time and money.

Business Analytics & Data: Data analysts which were elite data miners are commonplace now. Every business has a squad of data analysts who are churning data with their smart algorithms, thanks to AI which writes its own code and changes it as it learns along the way. Data analysts work equivalent to the sixth sense of a business.

Progressive/Smart Web Apps & Container Apps: Smart web applications work cross-platforms and infuse a new sense of mobility and take off the pressure from programmers. These apps plugged in with AI constantly learn and update their code in a self evolving manner. Container based apps is a current software trend that frees engineers from debugging and configuring app creation environments, thus, speeding up app development.

ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development): ATDD environment initiates collaboration between developers, testers and customers. Constantly tested code becomes bug/glitch free and rate of solving issues grows faster with ATDD facilitating customer oriented development.

Other Trending Tech: A bunch of other trending technologies are breaking barriers too. These tech advancements are just the tip of the iceberg which has so much more to reveal in the coming years. Here’s a glimpse:

A. Blockchain Technology: Widely being used in insurance, healthcare and financial services. Daring businesses are using this technology to develop apps and for enhancing cybersecurity.

B. Distributed Clouds: It introduces a new era in cloud computing. Distributed clouds speed up communications and access by interlinking data and applications stored across several locations on the globe.

C. Service Visualization: Creates mock test environments to test specific components, imitates expected behavior, error scenarios and helps foresee avoidable problems beforehand.

D. Digital Performance Dashboards: Offer real time measurement and monitoring of productivity and activity on any platform. Useful to organizations and employees. Encourage real-time engagement, self management and empowerment.

This is the era of digital disruption, as novel technologies flood the market paving way for newer business models which are faster and more persuasive. More and more disruptive technologies will dot the current year and the ones to come. A glance at the major benefits is essential to analyze the major advantages of these software tech innovations.

1. Customer-oriented and data driven development

2. Automated processes and virtual environments speed development, testing & delivery

3. Improved speed, collaboration and swift communication

4. ‘No code/low code’ platforms that reduce IT involvement

5. Employees can focus on productive tasks

6. Reduced time, minimized cost and boosted productivity

A couple of years ago, emerging technologies like IoT, AI, Machine Learning (ML) etc. were around but failed to gain momentum as they were unproven. Now they have evolved with time and offered their potential for real time usage. An integration of such powerful technologies with your development and operational processes can be rewarding for both developers and businesses.

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