Unveiling The Pros & Cons Of Professionally Built vs DIY Website

If you are a business entrepreneur, you may not be knowing much about building a website. Besides, you don’t have plenty of time to figure it all out. So, what to do? Should you hire a professional designer or code your own site? Find out below…

As a business owner, you must have eyes set on doing something extraordinary to make it big in the competitive world. An online presence helps to fulfill these desires. Having a website establishes the brand and credibility, allows customers to find you, markets your business and expands the reach to a wider audience.

To help you decide whether to design your site on your own or hand over the charge to the professionals, below are explained pros and cons of both aspects. Read it all carefully and make your perfect site happen.

Website Designing By Professionals

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The Pros

Look and functionality of a website not only makes but also breaks the business. Though doing it yourself will save money upfront, you have no idea how much revenue and goodwill you can lose after a certain time. Websites, these days, act as 24-hour marketing vehicle that keeps the business going on which further makes it a necessity to have the perfect site.

Take a sneak peek into 7 reasons why it is good to hire the reputed designers.

1. Favorable First Impression

The moment someone other than you visits your site, they form an opinion about your business. You will be surprised to know that this opinion is based on the look of your site. No matter how excellent your products are, it’s you website that does the talking. Hiring the experts is the best thing you can do to create that lasting first impression.

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2. Compatible with Latest Technologies

A professional web design company builds your site according to the technology; thereby, saving you hundreds of dollars. Additionally, these experts ensure that your site adapts to the latest mobile devices. This way, your site will be future proof as new ways to browse the web emerge.

3. Stunning High-DPI Retina Optimized Images

High-resolution devices have taken the world by storm and support only high-DPI images. If not using WordPress, the process gets more complicated without ready-made plugins to start with. However, with the professionals, the images look razor-sharp on all the latest mobile devices.

4. Faster & Better Performing Website

Web designing company knows the various plugins and other tools to integrate into the site and provide security as well as speed. These tools are necessary for WordPress sites and even more important for the ones that are outside of WordPress. Other plus point is recommendations on hosting. Hosting services play a crucial role in site performance.

5. Increased Possibilities to Show on Google & Social Media

With SEO, web designers code the site in a way that communicates the specifics of the pages to Google, other popular search engines and yes, social channels. When customers search for a product/service you offer, you have higher chances to show up in the search results.

6. Helps Make Money

Is there anything better than increased revenue with minimal efforts? By allowing clients to check boxes for add-on services in the online appointment booking process or services form, it gets easy to generate more funds. This is extremely wonderful to let your site truly work for you.

7. High level Functionality & Coding

Experienced web designers add the extra functions needed on the site. Providing functionalities which people are actually looking for, pushes them to bookmark your website and visit again & again. Cherry on top is the right coding that helps the site to function well on different browsers.

The Cons

No matter how purposeful something is, it has its dark side and web designing from professionals is no exception. Before going for a designing company, it is wise to weigh the associated disadvantages. Check out the below given 4 points to know these drawbacks.

1. Time Taking

Web designing is a careful process and takes ample time. Hence, you must have enough patience as adding all the extensive components along with designs and features, is time taking. To complete everything the way you want, the designing company will go through several stages like planning or proposal, specifications, designs, documentation, development, monitoring, etc.

2. Limited Design Templates

Sad but true! The templates are limited because the designers have their own available templates. Choosing and buying templates online is not possible which is why you need to ask the experts to custom the templates you are interested in. Think that’s easy? Well, copying templates that are available online isn’t that simple because professionals vary with their resources.

3. Expensive

The more functional and appealing a website is, the more expensive it is. If you want to make your website look different from others, you definitely need unique designs, layout, button style and other vital elements which will increase the expenses.

4. Confidentiality Issues

When designing the site, a lot of confidential information is asked by the experts. This way, private details are put at stake to some extent. Any information if misused, can lead to serious troubles.

Web Designing Without Professionals

affordable web design, website design agency
The Pros

Until recently, building a website on one’s own was a tricky task as it requires skills and hefty budget. Things are no longer the same and creating a site has gone way easy with some really amazing tools that turn the process friendly and interesting.

Here are the major benefits of designing the site yourself:

1. Learning Something New

Researching latest trends and learning various techniques and languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS and Flash are exciting ways to widen your knowledge. Apart from this, you can also learn using graphics software to take your skills to new levels.

2. Changes are Easy

Even after your website goes live and is shared with the world, it remains 100% in your control. You can introduce revisions and edits to the designs anytime you want.

3. Work at Your Own Pace

Yes, you are always the boss in the creative process. Without rushing into anything, you can start with creating one page at a time. Once sure with the progress, start with creating more pages. Add, delete and revise elements without worrying about anything.

4. Nothing to Lose

Sounds so relieving! Create and publish the site without investing anything and without doing useless things such as making a commitment to pay fee.

5. Save Money

When you successfully complete everything to your satisfaction as per the complexity of the site, you end up saving significant dollars.

6. Sense of Accomplishment

Creating an attractive and effective site is no less than a sense of pride, exhilaration and well-being. If you enjoy the entire process as much as the final product, it makes the sense of accomplishment much sweeter.

The Cons

Though above given reasons are great to build your own site, there are some disadvantages too. Read below to raise the curtain from those reasons:

1. Time Consuming

Learning the skills and gaining the knowledge takes significant amount of time. You must question yourself - would this time produce better if I’d spent on focusing ways that can help your business making more money? Researches say that time spent on business rather than the website yields more profits.

2. It May Look Unprofessional

This happens with many DIY projects. You begin the task with a grand vision and probably the best intentions but the end result looks opposite to what you imagined it to be. Your website may look disorganized, it may lack consistency among the various pages, text and images may not line up and things may look jumbled on different browsers. In short, that needed professional look may not be there.

3. It May Look Like Other Websites

There’s no denying the fact that free templates are attractive. However, they are used not only by you but countless other organizations and individuals as well. To market business through the site, it is important to make it unique. Don’t forget that an effective website gives your business uniqueness and appeals to your target clients.

4. It May Not Work Properly

No matter how good your designing talent is, you can get stump by a tricky code. If the code is not done right, you can’t expect the desired results as there will always be one or the other problem with the final thing. As obvious, this will effect the functionality of the site.

So, this was all! We hope now you have a clear picture in front of you and know which option suits you. Be patient, take enough time, think wise and decide what’s favorable for the future of your business.

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